We all probably heard this phrase: “We are what we eat” It actually makes sense if you know how energetic and physical 🧘‍♂️ structures of our bodies work. That’s why one of the first things that we recommend people when they want to start their spiritual transformation 🕉 is to change their diet It’s the first building block to further transformation.

For us vegetarian diet has lots of benefits, not only physical but also energetic⚜️ Vegetarian food is much healthier for our cardiovascular, digestive, lymphatic systems. It helps to lower cholesterol and blood 🩸 sugar levels, improve 🔝 kidney function, reduces the risks of stroke, obesity and diabetes, improves metabolism 🔄and immune system.These are the benefits for our physical body, but also being vegetarian helps to balance ⚖️emotional and mental states.

And last but not the least, vegetarian diet is essential for your spiritual growth When you start to do meditation and energy work - you must keep the vibration of your body high therefore the foods that you eat must only be high vibrational 🥬🥒🥑to help your body detox, process and ground the energy correctly.

If you think being a vegetarian is boring, expensive, not nutritional etc. we have to disappoint you- it’s all just excuses Vegetarian diet is highly 🔝 nutritious, with million varieties of tastes and is actually cheaper if you know how to to incorporate it into your lifestyle correctly. That’s one of the things that we help people with in our center - to balance ☯️their nutrition, teach them to cook unique vegetarian and vegan recipes, teach them how to choose which products are beneficial for them and which are not ❌and also how does vegetarian diet effect them on multiple levels🕉 #Detoxretreat #lifestyle #vegansoup #nutrition #vegeterian #vegan #vegeteriandiet #organic #spiritual #uniquerecipe #balance #retreat #teacher #masterteacher #alaknandanabar #holisticlifestyle #yogalifestyle #SpiritualRetreat #meditation #spiritualfamily #Spiritualawakening #Grateful #Newyork #Mumbai #familyoflightholisticcenter