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What are emotions?

Emotions are impulses that we sense that help us navigate throughout life🧭 Our entire body reacts to stimulations from outside – each cell reacts in a different way💡Each cell membrane is like an antenna: the cell absorbs molecules/stimulus and this affects how the cell functions 🔄

The cell responds by changing the internal response of cell, then cell takes a certain action as a response💥

If you feel emotions - it just means that you are alive, it doesn't mean that something is wrong with you. Even though there is a stereotype in our society that it is bad to feel emotions especially for men, which is creating a lot of emotional disbalances for people❌

When we think it is bad, we start to suppress emotions and it leads to some serious physical, emotional, mental and energetic diseases. So step number one - learn to except and work with your emotions.

How emotions are being processed by our entire body? 🤷‍♀️

We have 3 brains 🧠– mind, heart, and gut. Those three brains get constant feedback between each other♻️. If they are not balanced they will create negative triggers such as fight or flight response, stress, negative emotions😭😠😩 When this happens again and again over life, you start to develop a belief – you think you aren’t good enough, it’s too much and you can’t handle it.

You feel like this because your 3 minds aren’t functioning together🤝Then all the situations in your life will prove to you that this is true, you really can’t handle it.

So you need something to help you balance in every moment of the day⚖️In Family of Light Holistic Center we developed a lot of tools 🧰and techniques🛠 on how to balance all of our systems and be in harmony with them.

Such tools are essential oils💦, different types of meditation💫, yoga🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️, breathing practices💨, energy practices💎 and many more. All of this tools are taught at our Retreats, Classes and Energy Academy.

To be able to process emotions and thoughts in a balanced way you need to prepare your system for it 😇You need to build foundational support🏗If you want healthy mental and emotional health, you need to combine essential oils💦, meditation💫, yoga🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️, breathing practices💨, energy practices💎 with the following:

1. Good nutrition🍏🍉🍌🥭🥬🥒🥝🌽 – no foods with toxic chemicals. If you put negative things in your body you can’t deal with stress properly because you don’t have enough energy or nutrition to handle it.

2. Digestive health 💚– cleanse every six months – because in fall the body is slowing down and preparing for winter, in spring, you need to jump start you slower metabolism🔆

3. Proper circulation🔄 – movement of blood and lymphatic system, blood chemistry🩸✨

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