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REIKI ATTUNEMENT: how can you get initiated?

We often get asked by our clients if they can get initiated into Reiki by our Grand Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar. Because we follow all Karmic and Universal Laws we are very strict and respectful with the Reiki Attunement. We would like to share our principles that reflect the answer to this common question. If you are really looking to be Reiki Master Teacher and want to be initiated into Reiki by our Grand Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar, for that you need to go through all 12 levels of Energy Academy and internship with Alaknanda. The Reiki Training and Attunement for ALL LEVELS is now being offered only for the students of Energy Academy since it requires a certain level of knowledge, vibration and consciousness to use it correctly.

One of the main reasons for Reiki now being offered by Alaknanda to Energy Academy students only, is that people who Alaknanda initiated would start to “practice” Reiki on others with only level 1&2, without fully understanding all the laws, consequences and intricacies, causing energetic & karmic violations. The actual practice of Reiki can only be done on others with Level 3 which is why it is called Reiki Practitioner.

Also, to receive a deeper energetic knowledge, which includes Energetic and Karmic laws, it requires preparation of physical and energetic channels and a specific lifestyle for the Practitioner before receiving the attunement as well as to work on others. Those who decide to be a Master Practitioner & Master Teacher must dedicate their life to this knowledge & know all the Karmic laws very well, because if you break the Karmic laws during a Reiki practice it will affect everyone severely involved including Master-Teacher who initiated you.

So if you are not going to learn how to teach others and initiate them in Reiki, any Karmic violation that they did will go on you as well as on the Master Teacher who initiated you. This is why so many Reiki Healers and Teachers get very sick and die especially from cancer.

It is impossible to teach everything in one workshop or even in a retreat, it takes years of dedicated time with a Master Teacher, just like Madam Takata and Dr. Mikao Usui practiced their Reiki, that is why we opened up the Energy Academy. To be a Master-Teacher one needs to understand their Karmic Life Path, so not every student of Reiki should even become a Master-Teacher if it is not aligned Karmically for them because it can cause more damage than good for them.

This is investigated through the Karmic Life Map to make sure that the student moves through life and life lessons in a karmically aligned way.

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