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Let’s take a look on how to Detox our life fully, raise the vibration, re-connect with our Higher Self fully and live with expanded consciousness by understanding who we are and where we are going. There might be certain aspects of your life that need to be cleaned, released, relooked and sorted or removed forever.

To make your “way back home” faster and smoother, we can evolve 3 levels of our being: our body, mind and spirit. That’s a Holistic approach that ensures that you are not missing anything.

You can start with any of 3 levels or go through the Detox aspects (Body, Mind, Spirit) simultaneously. The most important thing here is your awareness and ability to admit the truth, even if it doesn’t fit your way of thinking yet.

The first level is your physical body and physical reality. Have you ever thought?

- what kind of nutrition do you choose (does it fulfill you with all elements and pranic/high vibrational energy so you can actually receive benefits from eating on all levels),

- what kind of products do you use (are you aware of everything you put in your body and on your skin, know all ingredients, chemical reactions and consequences?), - what kind of environment you live in (can the energy flow around you or you have collected things that don’t serve you anymore?

- it can be a sign of what’s happening inside of you), - what kind of people you surrounded with (are they taking away your energy, time, inner power, produce co-dependency or your relationships based on co-creation and ability to become the best versions of each other, do you understand the real meaning of people’s role in your life, what are your lessons),

- your job (does it fulfill you and resonate with your true blueprint and karmic path or you are fulfilling someone elses dreams or illusionary needs). Ask yourself if you are happy with your physical reality?

Detox of your second level - your mind (here we combine emotional and mental aspects):

- your thoughts (what you think about is where you direct your energy, is it a mindful investment? are you thoughts directed into the future or past, is there any judgment, blame, guilt, self-pity, stress?); - emotions (how you manage your emotional reactions, do you allow yourself to stuck in illusions and reactions that might not even being yours? do you experience feelings of anger, irritation, over-empathy ?); - habits (do you always use the same patterns of behavior, how do you overcome your stress or difficulties in life? are you looking for support in external stimulants or habits: overeating, smoking, social drinking, recreational drugs, social media, overworking?). Ask yourself if you are happy with your emotional and mental reality?

The third level of Detox is spirit. Here we talk about your energy system (subtle bodies, chakras, channels, meridians, etc.):

- self-expression (do you feel it’s easy for you to speak up your inner truth out loud, say what you mean and act according to your gut feeling?);

- healthy boundaries (do you feel you can say no easily, finish a conversation at anytime, create healthy relationships without using each other, being dependent or taking advantage?);

- life energy & vitality (do you focus well, know how to make your living, have enough energy when you wake up, can easily take any problems as lessons and go through them?);

- inner power (is it easy for you to achieve your goals, keep following your path and keep your ego under control?);

- Intuition & ability to understand your Higher Self guidance (can you take and follow your first feeling or you get used to overthink and act through repetitive behavior patterns? can you always stay connected to your inner wisdom and feel trust that you are in the best available conditions for your growth?)

As you see the main point of Detox is to go through all levels and release certain aspects that are taking away your energy instead of nurturing and fulfilling you so you can feel yourself in the right moment fully connected to your true Life Purpose and Mission.

When you have enough energy (and don’t spend it on things that you were not supposed to do) and know the exact way to direct it, your life will open for you through the new angle, filled with alignment and balance.


If you are open to receive the right knowledge and tools that will work for you in understanding yourself and your place in life better, to see your True Path and spend your time and energy exactly on things that personally you supposed to do, not on what your parents, friends or society programmed you to experience,

join our 🌟 “Life Detox” 🌟retreat in Poconos in a getaway location by a beautiful river.

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