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AURA PHOTOGRAPHY AND READING: how does it work so accurately?

One of the most common questions of our customers about Aura Photography is: “How does it work? How the reading can be so accurate?”

A good Aura Photography Reading is a combination of multiple things: science and technology plus strong intuition and knowledge. Not everyone can do an authentic Aura Reading as it requires integration of specific skills and abilities as well as sincere intention to help people.

The actual Aura machine is a non-invasive bio-feedback scanning system that was created in 1970s. Now, Aura Photography brings the latest inventions in the science, technology and metaphysics together to capture the most accurate image of the auric field and aura report.

So, the next part of a high-quality Aura Photography Reading is an intuitive and knowledgeable Aura Reader, whose education and skills are based and fully aligned with all Karmic and Universal laws to ensure the accuracy of the reading. For our company this aspect is very important, and we put a lot of attention to it. All our Knowledge and Technics come from an Ancient Lineage that is over 5000 years old. All our Aura Readers are required to go through minimum one year full time training with our Grand Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar where they are studying energetic anatomy of a human being, establishing a deep connection with their intuition and Higher Self, learning high vibrational communication skills, connecting to their personal and business mission in order to be aligned with the philosophy of Family of Light Holistic Center.

So a regular person with lack of those skills and abilities is not able to provide the same quality of the service as we do. Our business standards and morals are all based on Universal and Karmic Laws and one need an in-depth training to be able to integrate them correctly.

On the picture is one of our recent Aura Photography Events for Shop-Bop POP-Up in Chelsea, New York. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with such amazing, modern and stylish companies in so many different fields: fashion, IT, finance, education, health industry etc. We love to help them grow and expand their business as well their consciousness to the new level.

P.s. We were in love with the tropical design that Shop-bop team created for the event.

If you want to get your Personal Aura Photography Reading, we provide 1-hour Private Session at our new amazing location. To schedule Aura Photography service, you can visit our website and make a payment there - we will get back to you right after. Please book your appointments in advance.

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