What is meditation?

The most common 'story' starts with a perception of meditation as an act of sitting still. The goal of practices actually is to bring a person into a constant state of connection with a soul or intuition and expand the quality of living by taking each step and experiencing each moment through awareness and inner guidance, not the mind. The true core of practices is to become a master of the mind.

The understanding of meditation and energy practice sometimes gets interpreted in a wrong way: people start searching for a quick fix or a magic pill and use energy practices and healings driven by their egoistic desires to feel better, get fast results in life without any deeper understanding, changes or stepping out of comfort zone. In reality energy healing supposed to be used for finding the root cause of the pain, physical/ mental/ emotional dis-balances and removing the blockages. By using healing channels you learn how to feel subtle changes not only in your physical but also in subtle bodies, expand your intuition and finally you become more and more able to see the full reality of things and reveal where the problem comes from, from which level and when they start happening.

By learning how to meditate on a deeper level you can achieve a lot of benefits, such as:

-Improve your grounding and connect fully to the moment Now;

-Open yourself up to feelings of security, prosperity and belonging;

-Open yourself to others, receive the courage to express yourself and to embrace change;

-Make your communication energy flow strongly and improve your ability to express yourself; -Find answers and support for any disbalances in your life; -Experience Transformation of your Mind on many levels and in various aspects; -Stay connected to your Higher Self for Continuous Guidance. To learn how to meditate and heal with our Grand Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar visit our website where you can find information about our events, retreats and workshops.