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ROLE OF THE MASTER-TEACHER: why do you need one?

Why do you need a Master-Teacher?

Our Grand-Master Teacher Alaknanda Nabar pn the picture is leading Energy Academy class, helping the students to step out of their comfort zone. Comfort zone is a safe space that people create for themselves in different aspects of their life where they prevent themselves from expanding themselves to their full potential.

Students full potential can only be achieved by -stretching their abilities by taking risks, -exploring new opportunities,- trusting their higher-self and Master-Teacher to guide them. Comfort zone is a safe bubble created by person's ego that keeps them stuck within a certain lifestyle, within certain toxic relationships, within a job that traps them, or in a specific place where they live bound and trapped by traditions, culture, society.

Have you ever tried to step out of your Comfort Zone?

As a person starts to step out of their comfort zone, they will start to experience stress and overwhelm from the unknown infinite opportunities that start to pour into them. Stepping out of the comfort zone is never easy or comfortable or exciting, but it is like a muscle that you need to grow and develop, that will help you to get to the next step of evolution, existence or success.

It requires deep work with the ego, with the emotional and mental blocks and patterns that have been created over the life of a person. And that requires lots of rewiring and creation of new blueprints to ensure that the energy of creation and manifestation gets absorbed in the body and into the energetic structure of a person.

This kind of process is not possible without a Master-Teacher. Guidance and support by a real Master-Teacher who has personally broken out of their comfort zone and created a path for self, creates a clear and strong support for others who want to also experience the breakthroughs in both spiritual and material aspects of their lives.

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