We got asked a lot during our Aura Photography events by our customers how to balance their chakras and improve the state of their aura. So we would like to share our basic tool that we developed to help people deal with daily stress, emotional, mental pressure and physical fatigue by balancing their chakras.

When your chakras and aura are balanced you can be much more aligned with what you are doing and have clarity on what your purpose and goals are, because you can find answers and support for any disbalances in your life.

Chakras are the major energy centers that are aligned with our central channel and function like vortexes or clearing houses of energy, where we generate and process energy, information, emotions and also transform energy for being used in our lives. Basically, chakra system is a map for us that we can use for understanding how our body is connected to our mind and emotions, how different parts of our body are interconnected with different aspects of our life. During our Chakra Balancing Meditation we help people to align and balance their Chakras with easy unique techniques which helps them to find harmony and peace within themselves and radiate it into all the aspects of their life.

In our Chakra Balancing Meditation we use 7 different essential oils to balance our 7 main chakras. Each of the essential oils has a specific chemical compounds to help raise and match the vibration of each chakra. We know that our brain processes smells when chemical compounds float into the nostrils. Because each essential oil has a unique chemical profile made up of a combination of different chemical compounds, there is a wide variety of ways to use essential oils to achieve a certain type of reaction in the brain. Depending on the plant, fruit, or plant part from which the essential oil comes, it will have a different combination of chemical components (known as a chemical profile) and thus, each type of oil has its own unique potential benefits. To learn more about Chakra Balancing and where you can book the session please email us on support@familyoflight.center

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