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Now-a-days it feels like this question is not only a hot topic for millennials due to a high speed of the progress and amount of trends and professions that appear with every new invention and social media booms, but also for older generations, too. It's not about professional aspects or the path that we choose for making money and living but about the core reality or a frame of success (in all aspects of life: finance/ relationships/ health) that we hold inside no matter which way or occupation we choose.

This article as well as 'NEW YEAR = NEW LIFE' retreat program that Family of Light Holistic Center hosts in Poconos (January 25 - 28, 2018) is designed for people who want to make a quantum jump on a new level of life, understand deeper the processes on all levels of our multidimensional reality and overcome a 'glass ceiling' of success that we unconsciously create by limiting our potential, and realize why you are still not on a path of happiness and a true self-realization.

And here we should go deeper..

It happens because we don't realize what our intuition tells us or our spirit, because we are missing the ability to see a higher, global picture of our life. Most of us can't explain what our true life purpose is, what is our real gift and a native talent. We are simply stuck in hustle,

trying to adapt to social and cultural standards for what is acceptable, trendy or most importantly creates a financial support.

In reality everyone has our true blueprint (or a plan that we come here to reveal) that most of the time becomes distorted with subconscious or energetic blockages and incorrect beliefs.

We might have a belief that we don't have enough of something in order to have a life we dream of, and we are creating a 'story' which becomes our reality and becomes hard wired to our cells and also filters the perception of things. So we finally start attract situations that are aligned with the 'story' that we hold or we can't process things the way they come, can't see the opportunities that life gives us or simply don't appreciate the moment and all the sources that we already have.

To get out of this pattern we need to rewire not only mentally, but also energetically (we are not only material beings) on all levels to create a new reality that is aligned with our vision. That's why most of the time the advice of popular 'success gurus' don't give you long lasting results, as well as practices based on the law of attraction or manifestation through visualization don't work fully. Because it's NOT our MIND or thoughts are responsible for the reality that we attract, but subconscious mind/ beliefs and energy system which acts like a mirror bringing to the surface of life situations filled with exact vibrations that we hold inside for us as lessons.

The most important part here is to understand that energetic changes and dis-balances are not always with us when we were born. They reveal in us because our environment molds us energetically, mentally and as a result changes our DNA and this can be removed!

We would like to share the tools, techniques and knowledge that we collected for over 20 years to help you out with understanding the reality and processes that you are going through, to see the bigger picture and to expand your knowledge about yourself and rewire your subconscious mind in order to start your NEW LIFE in 2018.

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