Most of the time people invest in things they can see or feel, depending on profit, personal or cultural beliefs and cliches: real estate, an expensive car (even if it’s not affordable) a dinner at a good restaurant to fulfill esthetic demands, or at least a prestigious education. We plan our weddings and vacations a year ahead, collecting money from banks and relatives but have no time and resources to plan self-improvement steps, balance our minds, learn more about ourselves and fix all inner discomforts. WHY DO WE SKIP OUR INNER WORK? Only 30% of world is physical. 70% is black matter - or unseen energy. By perceiving only those 30% we separate ourselves from the full reality, so we start believing only in things we can see or feel. By fulfilling ourselves constantly from the outside through our emotions and feelings we don’t give ourselves a chance to see and understand the matter of things deeper and become aware of a full potential that we carry inside. That unexplored 70% of the world, that actually affects the other 30%, can be learned only through subtle feelings or intuition and it takes enrollment of self into energy school with a Master-Teacher for certain dedicated time, with constant effort and regularity in order to progress and grow. WHAT DOES IT GIVE US? Investing in our energetic and spiritual development, we invest in ourselves on a deeper level, we basically change the vibration of electromagnetic field around us (as we know like attracts like and depending on what we radiate, we receive it as a reality around us). It can’t be simply changed by rewiring our thoughts, saying affirmations, visualizations, mindset change or just creating less stressful life. It’s also a lot of work on deep root causes of our stress and emotions, our genetic lineages, the cultural and social stamps, etc. that we receive daily. Constant practices with ego mentoring improve our intuition. HOW DOES IT WORK? Spiritual growth and self-development is interconnected with our energy system, not only our thoughts and power of thinking are responsible for the evolution. It is not enough to go and receive the knowledge by reading books or listening to powerful speakers. It takes a lot of inner work & purity, courage and certain amount of organic energy to expand the awareness so you can understand the information fully and receive the guidance from your Spirit/ intuition and process it . And it only happens through the correct energy work and practices that help in 'clearing the dust' or negative aspects out of our subconscious and conscious mind, cutting off all manipulations, false believes, toxic people and things that are taking away your energy. Only then redirecting Pranic Energy inside is possible. By preparing yourself through energy practices, meditation and learning laws of karma and universe, exploring and clearing up your energetic and physical bodies from toxins, energetic blockages & implants, creating new energy channels, etc. you are becoming more and more aware of who you really are and planting seeds of understanding the world and principles that it runs by. WHAT IS THE PERSPECTIVE? Only in this case we can become powerful co-creators of the reality. The real creator is the Universe (Higher source), we co-create by pulling in the light or energy (or prana in eastern tradition). We can direct the Prana into physical reality (the process of manifestation through etheric level) through our filters. But that reality most of the time is twisted and deformed by the energy vibrations that we already hold in our electromagnetic field. So the goal is to synchronize ourselves with higher frequency in order to be in a full connection with the Source. We are able to create and manifest endless possibilities if we know how to overcome our limitations and set up a full connection between our Spirit, Mind, Intuition, Emotions and Body, releasing the Ego and becoming pure Channels. HOW DO I START? You can start or continue your inner work by contacting our support team to create the best personalized plan and further steps for your energetic development. Try our Aura Photography or Multidimensional Diagnostics to see the condition of your energy centers & aura.

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