Balance all aspects of your life and receive a personal guidance 


Learn how to make shift in your life with the power of your consciousness.

Our weekly Tuesday Series are exclusively designed for both, first timers and experienced meditators, who want to expand their consciousness, understand their life and relationships deeper, from higher perspective, explore the root cause of events and behavior patterns of people around you. Through Timeline Healing Meditation and Intuitive Channeling you'll be able to receive a Universal Wisdom guidance, release traumas, blockages & learn your life lessons. Through the energy transformation, based on the Quantum Physics principles, you'll be able to free yourself with inner realizations and as a result create a new reality


Our 3-hour class consists of two parts. During the first half of the class, according to the topic and the energy of the group you'll receive personal and group intuitive channeling messages that will bring to you guidance and answers from the Universe to understand issues that you are coping with (physical, emotional, energetic). You'll be able to find exactly what is blocking you from finding true love, financial freedom, health and success. During this part you can participate in group discussion and share your personal insights.

During the second half you'll be guided through Timeline Healing Meditation, which is a special technique that helps to dive into your subconscious mind, when the soul is taken back in time to change the past self’s experience of what happened and heal trauma or negative programming. The technique can also be used for reconnection with your lost aspects and energies or with your future selffor activation of various qualities and aspects, expanding of consciousness and increasing awareness of subtle aspects and energies. 



Improve and strengthen your Intuition and connection with your Higher Self;  

Increase awareness of subtle aspects and energies;

Activate various qualities and aspects; 

Learn how to meditate on a deeper level; 

Release emotional scars, astral implants, etheric imprints and causal body blockages; 

Reconnect with your lost energies and Soul Fragments;

Receive Universal guidance and improve your life;

Explore what is an energy and how to feel it in your body;

Receive basic knowledge of Energetic Anatomy and Laws of the Universe;

Learn what are energetic, mental, emotional blockages and how to release them;

Find answers and support for any disbalances in your life.​



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During this series you’ll be able to feel how your inner reality is connected to physical world and how disconnected they could be. You will learn and feel how your thoughts and energy can affect others and create situations in your life. You will be able to expand your awareness and learn how to use external world for inner evolution interpreting events as a reflection of your own energy. 

Timeline Healing Meditation & Intuitive Channeling will help you to improve your perception of reality by moving your focus from material reality into your inner reality and expand your understanding of the universal laws of energy.


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This series will help you to prepare yourself for new beginnings in your life, new experiences in any aspects such as relationships, career changes or hobbies where you can experience new aspects for yourself with expanded consciousness not only on physical level, but also on all other levels such as emotional, mental & energetic.


You will receive group and personal guidance to overcome fears, uncertainty or blocks on all levels of your new beginnings.


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Welcome to our May series Timeline Healing Meditation & Intuitive Channeling
“5 Elements ”, where you will be able to balance the energy of 5 main elements in your body: Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether. 

According to Vedic tradition, everything in this universe is made up of five basic elements in different proportions. The food, the planets and every living and non-living thing are made up of these 5 elements. There is a fundamental harmony at the macrocosm level and microcosm level and our body is a very minute image of the universe. The only thing which differentiates living and non-living things is the Soul.
These elements can be assigned to different regions in the body and are each connected the five senses.


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Egyptian Seed Energies were responsible for the knowledge and technology that was used for building Pyramids, ancient temples and Mystery Schools in Ancient Egypt. They were guiding priests, pharaohs and aristocracy as well as giving tools of how to work with intuition, heal with energy, travel through dimensions and ascend human consciousness on higher levels. 

During Intuitive Channeling we will reconnect with powerful energies of Ancient Egypt, that represent different aspects of life. You’ll be able to receive universal wisdom and guidance from etheric level for all levels of your life. 

There are 4 main energies that we will channel and work with: Isis, Hathor, Horus, Ra.


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We invite you to use the power of EQUINOX for bringing your Male & Female energies, your logic and intuition into balance as well as reaching proper grounding. 

Equinox is the day when the celestial equator (Earth) is in perfect alignment with the Sun and the Moon. That means, all the influences upon the planet are at equilibrium. For a human being, the significance of this day is that the masculine and feminine are at an even within our own system. 

Male and female energies exist in our bodies as certain qualities, it's not about being man or women rather they represent different elements that determine our behavior and life patterns. Uniting with our male and female energies will allow you to seek balance in order to optimise our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

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