Family of Light started Sananda Mystery School (SMS) International Support Group. Become a part of this International community of students that will help strengthen your spiritual path towards ascension.


Based in Brooklyn, at the Family of Light Holistic Center, We have 2 separate groups for English (7 pm EDT) and Russian (8:30 pm EDT) speaking people. All Sessions are available via SKYPE.

Phase 1 is $150 for 5 sessions plus 1 Chanelling by Sal Rachele at $25 per session.

You can register for a full Phase only, there is no separate individual classes registration.

There will be a total of 6 phases. The class mentor will be Alaknanda (Ala). Class will include numerous meditations & hands on practice of various techniques. A monthly channeling for the group of Lord Sananda by Sal Rachele is part of the course. Lord Sananda is the oversoul of Jesus Christ and one of the most prominent of the ascended masters. A CERTIFICATION OF COMPLETION WILL BE PROVIDED JOINTLY BY SAL RACHELE & FAMILY OF LIGHT AFTER ALL 6 PHASES.


Registration is now open for Phase 1

To register to Sananda Mystery School Classes and more details please Contact Us..



About SMS International Support Group


Family of Light understands that most people have a hard time following a discplined and structured daily practice on thier own without guidance & support due to extremely busy lives. For this reason, this support group has been started and provides a structured practice for those who are serious about their spiritual path.


The Sananda Mystery School exists to help facilitate personal and spiritual growth to awaken souls on Earth. It is designed to keep the students focused on self-integration while investigating the nature of the various realms, planes and dimensions of existence.


Example of Phase 1 lessons outline:

PHASE 1 - lessons 1 to 5


This session covers the purpose, goals and objectives of the course as well as your life purpose and how to stay on track of your spiritual path. Hands on practice for specific tools and techniques for increasing your awareness of your higher Self and exercises for expanding your Self-image. Learn how to discern and discover the unique properties and aspects of each being in Creation by practicing the identification of various beings in the Universe thru their "I.D."


PHASE 1 - lessons 6 to 11


In this lesson, you will learn to recognize and distinguish the astral from other levels of being, plus you are given techniques designed to keep you from getting "stuck" in the astral realms. Learn to interact and communicate with devas, faeries, nature spirits and various elementals. Learn to manifest your hearts desires by sending an energetic pattern from within yourself that will determine what you create in the outer world. We will also go deeper into the nature of the ego and how to transcend it successfully while loving and accepting it. Technique to remain in our clear and calm center of being while turbulence rules the roost in the outer world. This lesson takes us on a journey into the higher levels of self and the worlds they inhabit.




Sal will channel Lord Sananda to bring special messages for the group on the topics being learnt in Phase 1 of Sananda Mystery School. There will be an activation & initiation meditation by Sananda.  



PHASE 1- lessons 12 to 16


After being introduced to the higher levels of being, learn to bring together the higher and lower aspects and how to move between them as needed. Techniques will be practiced to help you integrate and heal with emotional trauma. Going into depth on the nature of the mind and its various levels and methods of perception. The exercises given are powerful and effective at reprogramming negative beliefs and aligning the mind with the other levels of being. Practice handling the negative emotions of others and the reactions such emotions trigger within each of us.


PHASE 1 - lessons 17 to 21


This lesson focuses on how to clear the astral body and keep free of the energies of negative people. This is a must if you want to stay energized and focused on your goals. Lean to access and utilize the etheric body and practice meditations and exercises for balancing the aura and chakras. Learn to overcome the struggle & achieve a balance between the world of money and finance, and spiritual communion. understand how to select teachers & beings that genuinely uplift and inspire us, while reducing static and interference.

PHASE 1 - lessons 22 to 26


One of the central principles of this course involves teaching us how to realize our co-creatorship with God. Explore the topic of power of purity and how it applies in today's world. Our conscious minds are incapable of perceiving the infinite, but here, we are shown ways of approaching and interacting with the infinite. Explore this popular topic with Sananda's unique and powerful focus technique. There are a lot of misconceptions about what constitutes self-mastery. Go into depth regarding how to master the self and remain free of spiritual arrogance. This is a must if we wish to keep growing and expanding.



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