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What is channeling? Channeling, also called mediumship, is the ability to translate expanded thoughts, highly attuned feelings, sensory perceptions, and visual images into guidance and information. It is a method of receiving and exchanging energy between physical and non-physical realms of experience. Channeling is a cooperative system designed to benefit, assist, heal and enlighten. It blends the infinite intelligence of the non-physical universe with the needs and desires of humanity. Clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience are also forms of channeling (clear hearing, clear seeing and clear sensing or knowing, respectively).


What is the main purpose of channeling? The main purpose of channeling is to receive greater awareness and wisdom than our normal, waking activities provide. It is not a quick fix for solving problems or resolving life's disappointments. Channeled guidance offers simple, uncomplicated and unrestrictive answers to direct questions. It teaches us to remove the self-imposed limitations that keep us from revealing our self-love and well-being. Channeling reminds us that peace, joy, abundance and fulfillment are natural, available and present. 


What makes channeling possible? Channeling is possible because all things in this universe exist as one form of energy or another. Some forms of energy vibrate slowly and some forms of energy vibrate very quickly. A slower (or lower level of) vibration creates density or form such as a table, a car, or a human body. Molecular vibration can also form energy into something invisible like a thought. Energy sometimes vibrates at such high speed that we cannot see it or comprehend it with our minds; still, we can experience a wide spectrum of energy because it exists as surely as we do.


Can you describe what happens during the channeling process? The process involves opening, coordinating and merging one's conscious awareness with that of another energy or being. With the mind and the body quiet, the channel attains a receptive state of awareness in which a bridge or channel to other realms is established. The process is as unique as the channel and there are a variety of ways to achieve a trance-like or channeling presence. Many things can be channeled including music and art. During session Channel is receiving impressions, images, sounds and vibrations and quickly translate them into meaningful language for their client.


What is conscious channeling? Conscious channeling allows the channel to be an observer of the process. The channel remains somewhat detached, but still aware of what is happening around her. A conscious channel moves his awareness into the background, and allows higher wisdom an opportunity to access and engage a wide spectrum of infinite potential. This method employs the channel's body as a temporary vessel of knowledge and healing, and because energy does not discriminate, the channel also benefits. Conscious channels do not surrender the authority or ownership of their body. Adept conscious channels are in true partnership and trust with the energies they bring forth.


Do conscious channels remember what is said during a session? It depends upon the channel as well as the level of surrender each session allows. Most channels report a disjointed, dyslexic, partial memory of what is said. Certain words or subjects seem to stand out more than others, but even these fade after a few minutes or a few hours. For the most part, channeling takes place at deep levels of awareness that exist beyond the reasoning mind. 


Does channeling make you tired? This is a common misconception. Many people assume that channeling depletes energy, but most often the opposite is true. The experience is freeing, expansive, stimulating and energizing. It takes place beyond the boundaries of human limitation.


What if I am not really open to the process or completely honest with my channel? Both the channel and the client are responsible for the outcome of the experience they have invited. A simple willingness to expand your awareness is all that is required on your part. While fear and uncertainty on your part can slow or interfere with the process, it is more likely that your higher awareness will step in to smooth the way. 


What is the benefit of taping a channeling session? The channeling process allows many sensory perceptions to be communicated as language. Visions, tastes, smells, sounds and feelings can all be translated into speech. Sometimes perceptions present themselves very quickly, almost simultaneously. The channel will always do his or her best to communicate every nuance of what is received. A good quality audiotape is a physical record of a non-physical experience. It can serve as reference later on to remind the client or the channel of a specific moment out of time.


Why do audiotapes sometimes become misplaced, erased, broken, or otherwise inaudible? Even the best quality audiotapes are subject to the laws of magnetic attraction. The technology responsible for recording sound onto the tapes relates, at least in part, to how we attract spiritual guidance. Spirit often emphasizes discovery and growth via non-attachment. Strange as it may seem, too much interest or dependence upon the material audiotape rather than the non-material channeling experience will tend to magnetically repel the audiotape rather than attract it. It is always best to receive the audiotape as a gift from spirit rather than as a purchased product. 


Why does my audiotape sound different every time I listen to it? Your audiotape is a record of all that transpired during your session. This means that even non-verbal communication in the form of energy signatures is also recorded. We tend to hear what we are most open and willing to hear. Sometimes information, guidance or healing is offered during a session but not taken, and yet the offering remains, awaiting another time and place. It is possible to discover messages within messages as well as to find audiotapes more valuable later rather than sooner.


Is there such a thing as good channeling and bad channeling? Channeling is a process; in and of itself it is neither good nor bad. Its interpretation is another matter altogether. Channeling is universal and healing, but by nature it is subjective as are all expressions of good will. A positive personal experience may encourage a favorable opinion of channeling while an unfulfilled experience may quickly sway a previously neutral mind. Bad channeling is a good intention gone awry. It is indicative of one who is still learning to discern the voice of Spirit from the voice of good intention. 


In what context should I place a negative experience? Remind yourself that all moments are not without merit.  Do not forget that you always have the option to accept or reject the information that is offered. Allow each experience to be independent of all others.


Why did I have a positive channeling experience and then a negative one? In rare instances, a channel and client may be energetically unsuited for one another. Barriers and incompatibilities can surface when expectations are unrealized. It is best to resolve any issues or concerns prior to your session so that your experience will be a positive one.


Will I be able to communicate with a relative who has crossed over? It is best to share your desires and expectations with your channel prior to your session. Each dimension and density beyond 3D offers a different perspective. Many channels prefer communication with energies and beings that exist beyond the domain of those who have recently passed. 


Can channels also communicate with beings from other worlds? Possibly, but not necessarily. Many mediums are able to channel a variety of beings, but they will often develop a kinship or resonance with a specific being or energy. Significant past life or current life agreements can also influence how a channel expresses her gift. Spiritual bonds are often quite profound, especially those that began long ago.


Can environmental distractions such as background noise affect a channeling session? Channeling takes place beyond the mind's conscious awareness, which includes the physical environment. Environmental concerns rarely interfere with the process. 


Can the personal issues and concerns of a channel influence my session? To some degree we are all influenced by what we introduce into our environment. A good channel is able to set aside personal issues and concerns by aligning her body, mind and spirit with energies that transcend the lower self. Channeling, like other forms of healing, aligns the self with the Whole. As energy flows it does not distinguish the channel from the client, which is why those who attend a channeling/healing event have such a direct and expansive experience.


Are channel's ever afraid of the energies or beings they channel? Fear is everyone's greatest challenge. A channel is not immune to fear or infallible in his ability to move beyond it. A professional channel is able to set aside her personality, strange as that may seem. In other words, a personal fear or block need not be a professional one.


What can I do to ensure that my experience will be positive and helpful? Approach every channeling experience with an open heart and an open mind. Set an intention to receive the highest and best that Spirit can offer you. Ask that specific and pertinent messages continue to flow into your awareness even after the session has ended. If the opportunity presents itself, ask clear and concise questions. If you do not understand the guidance that is offered, ask for further clarification. Understand that there are some things you must discover for yourself and that in some instances a satisfying answer may not be revealed during the session. Remember that what is said during a channeling session is often not as important as how it makes you feel. Allow yourself to receive the many benefits that channeling offers including a revitalization in health and well-being, specific guidance, unique discoveries, a sense of peace, and answers to your issues and concerns.


Is there anything I should do before, during or after a channeling session? Be open to receive wisdom and positive reinforcement at all times and from all sources, not only during your channeling session. Give full credit to the subtle indirect nuances of life as well as the synchronicities that present themselves moment by moment. Recognize that guidance will shelter you from indecision, but will not remove the decision process altogether. Ultimately, your life is your own. What you do with the answers you receive is up to you and your own free will. Never forget that you are one with All That Is/Creator/Source; you are entitled to all of the wonders of the seen and unseen worlds. Channeling can bring the best of all worlds into your world.

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