"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy then you should sit for atleast an hour" - Old Zen saying.

WHY should you MEDITATE?

Meditation has been part of the Vedic Philosophy for over 5000 years. It is also a big part of other Eastern philosophies. A regular and strong Meditation practice helps to minimize the "Brain Chatter" and promotes a higher state of consciousness by going into the Theta & Delta Brainwaves.This state of Brainwaves helps to heal the Body, Mind & Spirit. A Healing Meditation practice helps to clear negative though mindset, helps to breakthrough destructive patterns and blocks as well as helps with manifestation practices. 



Relieves & regulates Stress/ anxiety & increases production of anti-aging hormone DHEA.

Decreases Fight-or-Flight response which reduces the production of cortisol & adrenaline hormones.

Helps with restful deep sleep, allowing the brain to go into REM sleep.

Decreases blood pressure, hypertension and cholesterol.

Helps body to use oxygen efficiently, restores brain, improves memory & brain-function.

Slows down Aging by building the Prana/ Life force/ Inner Qi.

Improves Memory, Focus and Concentration.

Fosters positive emotions like happiness, compassion, love and peace.

June -August, Booklyn, NY
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A Summer Meditation Bootcamp for your Body, Mind and Spirit to Awaken the Spiritual Spartan inside of you with Sunrise Meditations that will connect you to who you truly are on the inside.


WHY do YOU need it?

If you feel that you are stuck in your life or career, unbalanced in your relationships or that you are constantly fatigued, then this Summer Meditation Bootcamp is for perfect YOU! Heal any Traumas or Blocks that stop you from becoming a powerful creator every moment of your life. You will learn a new techniques & aspects of how to Focus your Mind, De-stress from daily life and create Abundant Flow of Life Energy.


All meditations will be with Timeline Healing Technique and will help you to take CONTROL of YOUR LIFE!      


Pyramids are a Sacred Geometry which when created with correct materials & geometry have an incredible power of healing Body/Mind/Spirit, charging & preserving food, re-structing water, sharpening razors & charges crystals, reduce decay and hence slows down aging on a molecular/ cellular level.   

Pyramid vs Regular Meditation/ Healing with ALAKNANDA 

ALAKNANDA helps to hold the Channel for the energy to flow properly in a 6foot copper pyramid. This Meditation is hundreds of times stronger than a 

regular meditation and hence should only be done for no more than 20 minutes a day. While Meditatng in a pyramid with ALAKNANDA, a person will get into the Theta & Delta Brainwaves

immeditely whichhelps the 


process to happen faster & stronger.This Pyramid 

Meditation activates the Pineal & Pituitary glands that help in creating higher states of consciousnss.



During Timeline Healing Meditation, ALAKNANDA uses certain aspects of your self to go back in time to heal trauma or negative programming. Timeline Healing Technique is based on the Quantum Physics principles. 


Past life selves that experienced trauma hold emotional scars, astral implants, etheric imprints and causal body blockages tend to carry them over into future lifetimes (or in the case of early childhood trauma in this lifetime, they carry over into adulthood).


In Timeline Healing Meditation, the soul is taken back in time to heal the traumatized selves. Various healing techniques are included during the visitation with the past self. The purpose is to change the past self’s experience of what happened and to remove the emotional scars, astral implants, etheric imprints and causal body blockages. ALAKNANDA will then Helps You create a New Reality. 

Coming Soon
Online Course
Meditation to change your Life

If you are someone who has never meditated before or finds it hard to stay focused when meditating on your own, then this Basic Meditation Course is perfect for you! With regular guided meditation practice with our expert Teacher, Alaknanda Nabar, your mind will become more peaceful, energized and you will experience a new deeper understanding of life.  


What will you experience?

By becoming part of our daily, weekly or bi-weekly Meditation Course held in our center you will experience  Transformation of your Mind on many levels and in various aspects. It will help you to connect to your  Infinite pool of Creativity and you will be able to stay connected to your Higher Self for Continuous Guidance. 


Guru is a Sanskrit term that describes a Spiritual Guide or Expert Teacher that has been through a long, rigorous and powerful journey of training in an Ancient Lineage of Spiritual Teachers.


Why its Important?

The guru serves as a counselor who helps mold values, shares experiential knowledge as well as literal knowledge, is an example in life, a source of inspirational and helps in the spiritual evolution of a student. Meditating with a Guru will help you to develop correct skills of creating a strong meditation channel, learn techiques of energy protection during meditation and receive guidance.


Meditation for Kids in a Group of Private setting.


Benefits for Kids

Creates Focus and Attention, Encourages Leadership skills and Compasion, Opens up Creativity, Special gifts & Unique Talents.  


For Centuries the Chanting of Sacred Words or Toning, Tibetian Sacred Singing Bowls or Musical Vibrations all have been used for their ability to harmonize, balance & restore the frequencies of Body, Mind & Soul. The brainwaves and vibrations of our cells and chakras get synchronized to the frequencies of the generated sounds and help to go into a deeper healing and meditative state.      


Sound as a TOOL not SOURCE of Healing

The higher the vibration of personal toning or singing or the purer the quality of metal in the signing bowl, the stronger and faster the meditation and healing results. Ulimately the Singing Bowl or a Mantra will produce results based on who the channel of the healing energy is.  


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