Learn to Channel in Cloisters, NY

AUGUST 14 at 11:00-5:00PM

Our life is filled with exciting events that we are challenged to understand and interpret.
The universe is constantly sending signs our way to guide us through smooth pathways to the dreams and success we are looking for in our lifetime. We all are gifted with that communication channel with our soul that is called Intuition.

Listening to the Intuition is called Intuitive Channeling where you are opening up yourself to receiving the messages that your soul or energy is trying to say to you. Achievement of greatness in life can happen either filled with love and gratitude if we follow the guidance or with struggle and irritation if we resist or ignore it.

Our souls is always trying to do its best to help us hear and understand it.

At this All Day event I will teach you about:
• The power of Intuition in making the right choices in life
• How to be in control of it and learn to connect with it
• Amazing power of Intuitive Thought and Manifestation
• Energetic Scanning and Reading of objects, people, space
• Laws of Energetic Balance and Harmony with Intuition
• Intuitive Channeling of all 6 Elements and receiving guidance for you
• Intuitive Time Channeling and Travel in Time
• Energetic and Spiritual Soul Growth Patterns and Aspects
• Energy Magnets and Energy Levels of your existence
• Intro to Channeling for People to help them with guidance

I feel so inspired to share my gifts and talents of being Intuitive coach for more than 7 years and teach you in this One Day Intuitive Channeling Course at exclusive, romantic and one of the most powerful energetic places in New York City at The Cloisters that is located on a highest point in New York on a river bank of Hudson River and teach you to do the same.

Asking Yourself this Question if you really should join me:

Well - if You see this Post it means your Soul Guide in this life wanted you to see it and attend it. But will you follow the guidance to achieve success in life through smooth pathways with full acceptance and discovery of your powerful intuition or you will choose to ignore the signs and miss the event. In this one day event Your intuition will be developed to the point even stronger than your thoughts.

So many great people are getting overwhelmed today, but my intention is to bring you all together and help you discover your gifts and learn how to control your intuition, or uplevel your skills to the next level if you already working with it.

My mission is to live in this lifetime in fullness and connected with my talents and gifts by inspiring others to do the same. Join me and lets choose a way that our soul is guiding us into!



(Original Course Value $197, Saving $100)

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