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NOVEMBER 18, 2017




Break through the negative cycle of the repetitive patterns and situations in your life

Helps in releasing negative and addictive habits when you remove the emotional and mental root causes as well as energetic blocks that attract them to you

Restores and balances the quality of your Relationships because you find and heal the root causes of unequal energy exchange, dependencies and  unhealthy boundaries

Remove the self-limiting programs of financial stability and success 

You feel more energized because you integrate back with your soul fragments


Release yourself from other people's energies & programming, creating new healthy energetic boundaries in all your relationships  

Learn which behaviors and thoughts/ emotions are yours and which ones belong to others. 

Helps the body to restore deeper at night because the energy flows smoother during the sleep cycle after the blocks are removed 

Slows down & Reverse Aging and Genetic Diseases by Cleansing your family Lineages from the destructive programs and blocks  

Removal of Collective Consciousness, Collective Karma from your Family, Society and Culture that limit your success and freedom 

Improves Memory, Focus, Intuition, Mindfulness and Concentration because your Emotional and Mental bodies are free from the polluting energetic debris 

Fosters positive emotions like happiness, compassion, love and peace because you are free from negative and destructive patters

Cleansing from your Karma will help you to become more Intuitive, Meditate Deeper by accessing the Theta & Delta Brainwaves, and your Manifestation process will happen faster & stronger

Karmic Release Tools and Techniques help you to  reach higher states of Consciousness and access your full potential on all levels and in all aspects of existence

You will learn new techniques & aspects of how to Focus your Mind, De-stress from daily life and create Abundant Flow of Life Energy


"Introduction to Karmic Release and Laws of the Universe" is a unique workshop that will bring to you a deeper understanding of yourself on all the levels of Body, Mind & Spirit. 
While learning and practicing the tools & techniques with Master-Teacher - Alaknanda Nabar, you will start to find and heal the true root causes of all your dis-balances and blocks. You will be able to pull in more cosmic life energy for Manifestation to happen faster and on deep level without disrupting the natural flow of energy or violating the laws of the universe .

This workshop is for those who seek a more Intuitive Connection with themselves on the inside, Health and Happiness, Balanced Relationships and Success in a life connected with Life Purpose through a non-invasive and effective approach verified by real results from real people. 


Kate  C.

I was very impressed with the powerful technique of Karmic release by Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar. While I was looking for help and hope for myself, I was also able to help my family and loved ones. During the Karmic release and clearing of my personal Karma, I was able to heal and clear my Family Lineage. The brightest and most beautiful proof of my Karmic Release of family relationships was when my Brother reunited with his First and Only Love after 25 years of separation.

I realized that I am now empowered with the knowledge and tools finally to stop the Generational Karmic Patterns that were creating a lot of pain in my family for many generations. 

I discovered that many of my chronic health problems, that I had since childhood, were rooted energetically in my family lineages and were magnified by my emotions & thoughts. Once I cleared my energy through the Karmic Release techniques, my health became stronger and I was able to remove the chronic issues.   

By understanding the Laws of the Universe and my Karmic Lessons, I expanded my Life Opportunities, Spiritual Abilities and created a new life for myself the way I wanted it to be. I feel now more confident in any decision making and expressing my emotions or thoughts without worry of judgment and  people pleasing. I broke through from the survival mode way of thinking which kept me stuck in my life and in my head previously for over 20 years. 


Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar is an incredible source of Ancient Knowledge and Techniques, which she personalizes for each student in a unique way. I recommend this incredible workshop filed with secret knowledge and keys to success which you will not get anywhere else. 

Dasha H.

As I worked through the Karma Release program with Master-Teacher Alaknanda Nabar, she helped me in realization of my deep blocks, negative reactions, emotional & mental suppression that were in my subconscious mind due to incorrect energy work that I had received previously. Energy work in the past that I had experienced with Hypnosis and NLP did not help me in getting rid of my childhood traumas but instead rooted the negative experiences even deep in my subconscious mind. Such superficial energy work had caused many blocks that were hidden from my conscious awareness and affected my relationships, blocked my perception of full picture of reality and affected my ability to find solutions to my problems. I had tried different methods from Psychotherapy to Healing modalities and Meditations but the Root Cause was never reached or discovered through them.


During the healing sessions, I was able to get in touch with my subconscious mind and I was able to intuitively understand the root causes of all the past negative experiences in great detail. The next step we worked on was removal of negative programming of my Mental and Emotional Aspects and restoration of my Nervous system which opened up my perception of full potential of my life. My actual perception of space changed from linear to voluminous and I started to use my intuition more instead of second guessing myself through logic. As more blocks were cleared my ability to be more grounded & focused became a natural part of me. My creativity is now more intuitive and it flows with no resistance.


I highly recommend this program of Karmic Release which fully follows all the Laws of Universe.   


You and Pre-Registration

No Experience with energy work is needed.



 More opportunities opening up in your life


 Ancient tools & techniques of Spiritual Evolution


 More success in all aspects of your life 


 Raising and Recharging of your life energy


 Receiving Powerful Cosmic Energy for Manifestation


Deeper Connection with yourself and Inner Power


Healing of Traumas, Phobias, Chronic Issues 


Balance of your Relationships & Life


Stress-FREE Life 

Introduction to KARMIC RELEASE 







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$200 - Regular price



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