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Master Teacher


Spiritual Channel • Energy Healer • Intuitive Business Coach
Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Brooklyn 

The Future depends on what we do in the Present - Mahatma Gandhi

IHAR CHERSKI is an Intuitive Motivational Coach and Spiritual Channel. He brings the knowledge from his degrees in Intercultural Communication as well as International Business Management to help his clients in their Business and Relationship aspects. Ihar intuitive gifts and healing abilities were always second nature since his early childhood. People would say that they experienced their emotional and physical pain reduced when they would simply talk or consult with him.      


He provides personalized guidance and support by delivering powerful messages from the universe and from the client's spirit/ soul that open up new doorways and knowledge to people seeking clarity. Ihar says he is fulfilling his mission and purpose when he connect people with their true life purpose.


After a turbulent childhood, numerous financial and relationship challenges, while nothing helped to improve the life, Ihar started to Channel his own Spirit and this was the beginning of incredible changes and life transformation. He was able to breakthrough and overcome his own negative beliefs, emotional blocks and limited life opportunities by channeling messages from the universe and his own spirit that guided him to an incredible journey filled with new opportunities.


Ihar says that every negative life experience is a lesson that teaches us to grow and learn from the heart and our spirit. As an intuitive coach rather than predicting the future, Ihar helps and teaches his clients create their own future that they dream about!  


It is his mission to translate the meaning of challenges that people experience into messages that will create vision and clarity, understanding of their suffering and open their heart to receive answers to the questions that they can not interpret for themselves.


"Life is a maze, connect with your Spirit
to find your way out." -
Master Ihar Cherski

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