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Master Teacher


• Energy Healer • Holistic Wellness Coach

Everything comes to us that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it -

Rabindranath Tagore

ALAKNANDA NABAR is a Wellness & Health Coach, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and a Medical Intuitive HealerShe brings her knowledge of over 20 years on how to Heal, Nourish and Balance your Body, Mind & Spirit to people to help them break through their emotional & mental limited beliefs as well as physical problems. She specializes in Past life/Childhood Energy Healing and Manifestation of a New Future for the clients that she works with. She alligns people with their true Life Purpose and helps them achieve leaps in growth with the help of techniques that use Quantum Physics.       


Alaknanda helps to customize guidance and support by alligning each person to the solutions that will help balance them Physically, Mentally and Spiritually. Alaknanda's  mission and purpose is to bring Balance to our planet by helping people heal their past. Her clairvoyance and intuition were always part of her life and she was surround by people who seeked her advice, support for direction in their life blocks and health issues.


Alaknanda comes from a very diverse family of a Russian Mother and a Father who was from an Indian Vedic Lineage. She was given this name by her father, in honor of a Sacred River in the Himalayas, that is the source of pure glacial water for the Sacred Ganges River. As a young child she travelled a lot with her parents and lived not only in India and Russia but also Northern Africa. She contributes her deep understanding of how the childhood of a person shapes and programs the human mind because of her own exposure to various cultures, traditions and religions throughout her childhood. With this deep understanding she helps people to break free from the negative mindset that gets hardwired into the Brain and the Ego. 


ALAKNANDA's mission is to bring together people of all races and ethnicities to experience abundance and freedom through the simple transformational tools and techniques that she has crated and teaches.    


"All of creation is perfectly balanced in the universe.

Balance your Body, Mind & Spirit to become a master creator." - Master Alaknanda Nabar

Sabina P.

Yogi, Doula

I want to express how thankful I am that I met ALAKNANDA last year.  This was at a time when I felt totally disconnected from myself; body and mind.  I felt as though life came to a halt and nothing mattered.  After my session with ALAKNANDA, I felt an immediate sense of calm and reassurance.  The healing session made me understand where I was holding on to a lot of old, unnecessary emotions and for once I felt as though the veil had been lifted.  When I left the session I felt a purge of emotions come up for me and I cried, releasing so much that I was holding on to for so long.  The healing really stimulated my creativity and I went home and painted for five hours straight! I had not painted in over a year.  ALAKNANDA is very intuitive and sensitive and was able to see through to where my blocks and challenges, bringing them awareness so I could start taking healing into my own hands. Forever thankful! 

Jessica R.


ALAKNANDA is a truly gifted soul who has helped and guided me to break down barriers and start down the path to becoming the best version of myself. She is spot on!

Giada H.

Actor, Coach

ALAKNANDA's time line healing is what catapulted me to heal deep wounds from early childhood and before any conscious memory, which I was still carrying subconsciously in my body, despite years of therapy. As a result of ALAKNANDA's healing I was able to let go of patterns and people that were no longer serving me, which I unknowingly had been holding onto for years. It was a big shift, but with daily tools, a dedication to breaking through and in combination with the abundance meditations in the copper pyramids, I learned to raise my vibration so that pains, aches and things that would usually get me down no longer affected me. My business grew tremendously in the following months after meeting ALAKNANDA. She is extremely gifted, and I am forever grateful to her as a professional & since then lucky to call her friend. 

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