February 10, 2020

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What is meditation?

The most common 'story' starts with a perception of meditation as an act of sitting still. The goal of practices actually is to bring a person into a constant state of connection with a soul or intuition and expand the quality of living by taking ea...

Why do you need a Master-Teacher?

Our Grand-Master Teacher Alaknanda Nabar pn the picture is leading Energy Academy class, helping the students to step out of their comfort zone. Comfort zone is a safe space that people create for themselves in different aspects of the...

 What is the Chakra System?

Chakras are the major energy centers that are aligned with our central channel (SUSHUMNA in yoga) and function like vortexes or clearing houses of energy, where we generate and process energy, information, emotions and also transform energy...

How to connect with higher self, or your spirit, to learn the guidance and wisdom you have already within you.

July 26, 2017

Hi! My name is Alaknanda Nabar and I amfounder of Family of Light Holistic Center, conveniently located oasis for holistic well being and spiritual growth. It has been almost 5 years since we successfully launched our website and opened the doors to our Holistic Center...

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